How many people go to the Full Moon Parties in Thailand?

Thousands, and growing. New bookings are made daily.

Are we still allowed to go if we are not 18?

Yes, however almost all attendees are over 18. The people who attend are generally in their 20’s or 30’s

Are the Full Moon Parties safe?

That depends on your definition of safety. Being on an island (rather than on the mainland) make it safer in some ways. Your level of safety is determined by your behaviour, the huge majority of people at the full moon parties have an entirely safe holiday. Travel in groups and include travel insurance in your package.

We have been advised to only book an official Full Moon Party Package. Is this right?

Absolutely. This is a must to ensure you that have no problems. It also ensures that you don’t miss out on the genuine Full Moon Party experience.

What’s the best hotel to stay at?

This is subjective, however most people base it on location, atmosphere and reputation from previous Full Moon Parties. Contact us to check which is the best hotel/resort remaining for your specific Full Moon Party that you wish to attend.

Are there other parties on the island other than the Full Moon party?

Yes, the island has turned into a non-stop party with at least 10 different regular party events. It all started with the Full Moon Party which is why it’s the most famous of them.

How soon should we book?

Just like the hottest concert tickets… The hotel rooms get snapped up nice and early, the earlier you book, the better it is for you. To get things rolling, contact enquiries@surething.com.au and let them know how many people are in your group. From there, they will send you an itinerary of the best available hotel and will give you details on how you can make it yours!

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