Hope you’re all looking forward to an awesome Full Moon Party!

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  • Lachlan


    The Full Moon Party is EVERY month, so yes there is one in August, and hey you can also book it through Sure Thing 😉 Enjoy!

  • Matilda


    hey a nyc review indeeed…btw how often is the full moon party and is there going to be any in August? Definitely gotta put this event on my check list.

  • Abigail


    The vibe, the feeling, the friendship around. It is a must! A lot of thanks to Sure Thing for making it happen!!

  • Archie


    I went to Koh Phangan on February 2015 to attend to the Full Moon Party. I gotta say it was one of the best experiences in my life! Loads of music, fire, dance and entertainment! You organised a perfect hotel for us too

  • Harper


    i found theres is a half moon and black moon party as well…but i think FULL MOON is d most notorious one..

  • Aria


    This is a party that you must attend once in your lifetime. Trust Me!! Thanks for booking it all in 4 us, u guys are awesome

  • Samuel


    Amazing time dancing till dawn. People are so cool and you feel you own the world! lol 😀

  • Annabelle


    Went there on September it was a blast of a party cant forget that moment, lots of friendly ppl all around.. will be going again on this new year’s eve.

  • Luca


    Oh that’s awesome Hudson… Lemme know when you go there next time ..may be we can team up 🙂

  • Hudson


    Well i have now been to around 8 full moon parties and plan to go to a lot more!! 😉 Thanks Sure Thing travel

  • Hazar


    Awesome time spent with lots of young crowd having a great time all together….wooohhh….

  • Kaze


    Been twice, the best wild night you’ll have in Thailand!!! 😉

  • Path


    You can have fun on the beach or have drinks and dance in any number of bars around the area…. A good experience,unforgettable!!

  • Chenney


    If you like to go out, dance and have fun this is a ‘must do’ experience….

  • Psyche


    OMG. .this party is completely outta control,it takes place monthly on the full moon, and is a mecca for travelers in the region….great,great,great!

  • David


    We now have booked our Full Moon Package on March 2014 with Sure Thing and were looking forward to it 😀 … I’ve heard it will be an amazing experience. can’t wait! 🙂

  • Nate V.


    A perfect place for a great and enjoyable party….Full Moon Party!!!!<<<<<

  • Iana


    Love it! Thanks to Sure Thing Full Moon Parties for making it happen!! You guys are awesome…. Everything went smoothly, everything was Perfect. Could never have made it this good without you 🙂 x

  • Kiara


    FULL MOON so fantastic! I really like the scene, different DJ’s play various types of music, while the performers — fire throwers, hula hoop gals, break dancers — strut their stuff.

  • Adrian


    Love it Love it Love it!! Thank you also to Sure Thing Travel for organising such a great full moon party trip. I am heading back again this year 🙂

  • Helen


    If u go to the Full Moon PArty then your a LEGEND!!

    Not for the faint hearted 🙂 Everyone is friendly but it’s like a big new years eve party ..even though it’s not new years eve!

  • Dorothy P


    Haha mega party – haven’t seen anything like it! Anything goes!!!

  • KAtie Malic


    Sure Thing Full Moon Party – this is a shout out to you guys! Love your after-hours work and all the effort to make sure me and the girls had the best trip! Thanks again, u guys are the best, we owe it to you!

  • Sarge


    I want the chicks in the photo

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